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May 15, 2005

Big Day

My oldest son had his 7th birthday party today. I had to clean all morning. Then we had 8 boys aged 5-8 running wild for two hours. I was pooped. Wes had a film event to go to so I invited friends over to knit with me.

Molly and Marti joined me while I finished seaming up the Leaf Lace Pullover and weaving in the ends. The kitchenering of the upper and lower body looks pretty crappy. There's a definite line running across the sweater. I'm not sure I see why the pattern was written to graft a bound off edge to live stitches instead of just grafting live to live stitches. I left those ends. I may pull it out and try it over. It may still look crappy. Of course that would also give me a chance to make the body slightly longer. I still need to find a huge button for it and need to decide what color to dye it.

I finished the edging on the body of the bolero yesterday. I just need to knit the sleeves down a bit and do the ribbing. It has a double eyelet ribbing which echoes the double eyelet increase nicely. It is in desperate need of blocking.