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May 31, 2005

First Fracture

My five year old took a spill on Sunday and hurt his hand. On Monday it had swelled up a lot and was very bruised. This morning it was still swollen and very hot to the touch. We got in to see the doctor this afternoon. Amazingly my son--never one to be compliant--was very well behaved during his exam and x-rays. They think he fractured one of the bones in his palm. He was given a splint made of some mysterious material that looks like cotton batting, only it heats up and turns hard as a rock, and an ace bandage. I thought he would tear it off immediately but he's discovered, within 15 minutes, that it makes a very loud sound when you tap it on stuff and that the sound drives mom crazy! Bonus. He also has begun talking to it like a hand puppet. His big brother was also very patient while we waited and waited and waited. He even entertained the patient by drawing Pokemon characters on a chalk board while the splint was applied.

Neither Wes or I have ever had any broken bones. I'm amazed that it took 7 years of mothering boys to have our first fracture.

I was also able to make some progress on a cursed sock while waiting for all the various doctors and technicians. More on this later.