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May 17, 2005

May is Branching Out All Over

Branching Out is just flying off my needles. I started it on April 30th while waiting to be picked up for the Portland trip. I worked on it here and there. I finally finished the first skein on Sunday. I knit the entire second skein on Monday. And today, I made it about halfway through the last skein. The Noro Lily is so soft and great to work with. It doesn't split at all. It glides over the needles. Behold the progress.

I fiddled a bit with the grafting on the Leaf Lace Pullover. I tried to loosen it up all around and gave it a bit of steam. In some areas it is beginning to look reasonable but there is still a strong line.

I was so glad I finally captured the leaf lace in a photo. And the putrid color of the yarn. I can't wait to overdye this.