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May 19, 2005

Thursdays are For What the Hell is This?

Caryn got me. I was all set to post a picture and she said, "How 'bout the entire issue of Summer Knitters? Or at least that abomination on the cover! :)"

That was my plan. I had a little bit of guilt about running Maggie Jackson through the ringer twice in one month. But she's kind of asking for it, isn't she?

So instead I'll offer you this, which I like to call, "Why is This Woman Smiling?"

I know I throw around phrases like "looks like a yeti" quite a bit but really. This sweater is just a mash-up of knitting sins in my book.

1) It adds at least 30 pounds to the person wearing it.
2) It features random tufts of furriness.
3) Popcorn seems to be erupting from the cuffs.
4) All the bother of knitting lace but no pay off. Can you see the lace pattern? It just looks holey to me.
5) It looks like a yeti's armpit.
6) Oh, I can't go on...just looking at the photo this long is hurting my eyes.