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June 21, 2005

Hello, Kettle? You're Black.

I have a small rant. It's about photo quality. Now I know I just posted a whole bunch of terribly underlit photos but I'm a blogger. An ordinary citizen who is just trying to show the world what I'm up to --for kicks. What I'm noticing more of is people or companies trying to sell you something and using a terrible photos to do it. I called out Teva Durham's site a few weeks ago for grainy, poorly lit photos. But I keep seeing more and more. Chiagu suffers from this. The Crumpets pattern has an adorable photo that shows off the pattern nicely. Everyone and their dog is buying the pattern and knitting it up. But Cabled? I can't even see the cables. And The Garter Belt? Several patterns have nice photos but the detail shots are itty-bitty thumbnails. The point of a detail shot is to blow up a detail so we can see it. Not make it smaller. I can't make out anything from this photo. Why would I spend $6 for the pattern? Even big dogs like Rowan are giving me fits lately. If I want to see decent photos of the patterns from the Rowan Classic Collection I have to look elsewhere. All you get from them are miniature thumbnails and awkward half-tone detail shots.

But I still have hope. I wrote to Spun Magazine after their first issue noting that the photos were too dark and too small. The latest issue features bright clear photos with big detail shots. Thanks for listening.