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June 26, 2005

Switching Gears

***Updated Monday***
Today I won't complain about other knitters and designers.

I brought my camera to work yesterday and got pictures of projects I've made at the shop over the last month or so.

Here is the one skein Lion and Lamb scarf I made. I used a lace rib from 365 Knitting Stitches. This is two sections of the scarf side by side. I made the scarf pretty skinny to make sure it would be nice and long. If I did it over I would have added another lace rib repeat. The yarn is just great to work with. It's soft and smooth. It glides right along the needles. And it looks great. The silk gives it an amazing sheen.

This is the Bouton D'or baby sweater I finished a week or so ago. I used a really fun 100% machine washable yarn called Norma. It has a very tightly spun core with a fuzzy halo around it. It's terribly soft and squishy and nice to work with because the fuzz is short and doesn't cause splitting or snagging. The pattern came from book #13 Fall 2004 Layette. The book contains loads of adorable children's designs but it also contains my least favorite phrase "knit same as left front, reversing all shaping." I got to use some very sweet little blue enameled buttons from the shop. The cable pattern is pretty much the same as the Chutes and Ladders socks a made a few weeks ago.

Here's the scarf I knit from Teseo. It is a mistake rib stitch with an 8 stitch one-row buttonhole. The yarn is very soft and the colors shifts are very pretty.

This is my latest. A new kid's earflap hat pattern from Knitting Pure & Simple knit in Schoeller Stahl Big Print. I'm also making mittens to match.

And my latest yarn crush. Habu Linen Paper yarn. The colors are fantastic. It does feel like paper. Someone described it as being like taffeta.

One of my co-worker's made a water bottle holder from it. I want to make a very structured sweater.