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June 30, 2005

Thursdays are For What the Hell is This?

Ah Berocco. The design team that originally prompted me to cry "What the hell is this?" You have not let me down.

I believe you have supplied the world at last with the most horrible poncho for it's sheer ugliness and size. Congratulations. Are those sleeves?

And the least flattering hat. Unless you think looking like a chestnut or a hedgehog is flattering.

Most repulsive tank top. See the detail shot for the full horror of metallic fluff.

Worst home accents.

Celeste pointed out the no knit, no sew, no crochet, no brains, no taste necklace.

But then you outdid yourself by introducing the world to the Creepiest. Mannequin. Ever.

Thank you.