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July 17, 2005


I went to the yarn sale at a LYS yesterday. The only thing I was hoping to find was something good for a Tivoli T. The sale was underwhelming. I did find two skeins of Cotton Classic on the $2 table to add to the heap I already have. I pulled out all the Cotton Classic and shot the photo for my stash blog. 28 skeins! Oh my. I felt very guilty so I immediately cast on for another afghan square. I haven't knit any for months. I have watched Suzy see me knitting squares, go get her own yarn and knit herself an entire afghan while I'm still hovering around 28 squares completed. We had picked up our copy of Harry Potter 6 so Wes read aloud while I worked on my squares. We made it about 80 pages into the book before I left to have dinner and go knit with friends.* I managed to finish three squares in all last night. Those suckers are like potato chips. Can't have just one. I came home to find Wes in the same spot still reading (he did pause to feed and bathe the children and put them in bed). He finally put the book down around 4 am when he finished it.

* I meant to take pictures but completely forgot as always. I did snap a shot of my empty coffee cup after everyone else left. But I figure you wouldn't be interested in looking at my dirty dishes.