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July 29, 2005

Do You Smell Smoke?

I am thinking so hard about my new sweater design that my brain my burst into flames. I have the yarn: Knit Pick's Elegance in Grass (thank you, Ann). I have the swatch. I know I want to make the sweater seamless. I did just spend four days with Meg Swansen. What kind of knitter would I be to come home and make something in pieces? Now here's where my head starts to throb. I like knitting top down. I want to knit this top down. I was thinking I could write this brilliant pattern and submit it to Knitty. I know I can figure out a way to knit this but I don't know if I'll be able to do it in a way I can write it in under 50 pages. I have already started making charts, notes about shaping, sizes, etc. How can I simplify all this? I have no clue. So far today I knit a few rows, ripped them, knit them again and now I need to rip again. Oy.

I completed the first lace repeat on my Wool(less) Peddlers Shawl last night. Actually Molly and I were sitting outside at our favorite hangout when it got quite chilly. I was hoping to knit to the end of a row on the shawl to then drape it over my shoulders so I could keep working on my sock. But my needle was too short. And I looked like a dork. So I kept working on the shawl instead. It's nice to work with some healthy US9 needles. Lately everything I'm doing is on a US1 or 2.