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July 3, 2005

Forgive Me Oh Spinning Gods

I am so sorry to have angered you. Perhaps it's because I haven't touched my wheel in ages. Perhaps it's because every time I consider doing some spinning I think, "I'd rather knit instead." But clearly you are angry at me. Which is why it took me an hour to spin 3/4 oz. of 80% merino/20% mohair roving. And when I say "spin" I mean "spin half, destroy the other half and throw it away." You may also be angered by the fact that the standard flyer I bought for my wheel, oh, I don't know, many months ago is still in the bag on my desk and I'm trying to spin sock yarn on my cruddy old jumbo flyer. Just a guess. This must be why you sent Teri to the shop today to tell me about her gorgeous Romney fleece. I see now how I have failed.

So again, sorry.