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July 4, 2005

A Quick Fix

I cast on for my second Whitby sock for my Sockapal2za pal last night. I got a fair bit of knitting done on it today and was trying to remember how long I had knit the leg on the first one. I held out my sock to examine it.

I was about to do what I usually do when I encounter a knitting mistake--whip the knitting off the needles, rip back to the mistake and then slip the stitches back on. But this yarn is quite splitty and hard to pick up and the mistake was so isolated I decided to try to drop down and fix it.

First I put the stitches that needed to be fixed on a needle. Then I dropped down to those stitches. I reknit that portion and voila!

The tension in the area I fixed still needs some massaging. But all in all I'm happy with the results and not having to reknit four rounds on my sock.