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August 12, 2005

Dark Victory

Good fiber quote: I was watching Bette Davis die fabulously this afternoon. Her saucy stable boy, Humphrey Bogart*, says to her at one point of a horse she is sure will be a champion, "Yes, but he'll still never be a steeplechaser. We're teaching him to crochet; he's working on a set of doilies."

I was finishing up the minisweater.

I knit the body straight down until I ran out of yarn. For the edging I used Rowanspun DK and did a knitted on border. In other words, I left the last round of stitches from the body on the needles. The I took another needle and cast on 5 stitches. I knit "eyelet points" from Knitting on the Edge, knitting the last stitch of every even row together with a stitch from the body. It flares out slightly. I should have decreased a teeny bit on that last row I guess. I also realized on my second sleeve that I should cast on provisionally and then graft the last row to the first. Very slick. I was trying to explain all of this to Wes to show him how clever I am. As he stared at me blankly I thought, "Screw it. This is why I have a blog." I don't have any buttons yet but knowing me I won't sew any on for at least another year.

I also watched Matewan today. Man, that John Sayles makes kickass movies.

*The film also features a perpetually intoxicated Ronald Reagan.