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August 20, 2005

I Blame Molly

Last night I had the worst night's sleep. Probably goes on to the top 25 list of bad night's sleep. It's mostly Molly's fault. She came over yesterday so I could show her how to spin on my extra wheel. So we sat together, head to head, spinning for a while in the afternoon. She told me about Cinecast. Sounded right up my alley. So after having a very tasty dinner together and dropping her and the wheel off at her house I came home and started listening to Cinecast and spinning. I stopped at 2am. Okay, Wes is very much to blame here too. He's shooting a trailer for the San Diego Asian-American Film Festival on Sunday and he stayed up late preparing. Really late. I went to bed at 2. I couldn't sleep. I had a bug bite on my ankle. Scratch, scratch, scratch. My nose was itchy. Rub, rub, rub. Scratch. Rub. Toss. Turn. It was too hot. Turned on the fan. It was too cold. Rearranged the covers. Scratch. Rub. Toss. Turn. At some point Wes came to bed. At some point a child came in declaring that he needed a bandaid. The cat came in and sat next to my side of the bed and yowled for what seemed like hours. I put her on the bed. She nuzzled on my head and drooled on me for what seemed like hours. I kicked her off the bed. She yowled. The coup de grace came at 8 am when the phone rang. I gave up and went downstairs into my office. I sat down in front of my computer. While I considered reading blogs and working on Ene I realized that I was too tired to lift my arms.

Oh, and today is Wes's and my eleventh anniversary.