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August 18, 2005

Thursdays are For What the Hell is This?

You know how Wired Magazine has the Japanese Schoolgirl Watch column in which they predict hot new trends in fashion and technology based on what young girls in Japan are doing? I would like to start Japanese Craft Book Watch. Based on my last trip to Kinokuniya I discovered the newest craft trend. Dog clothing. Yes, really. Don't believe me? Look at all these new knitting books due out this fall. It's coming people. Brace yourself.

There are some on the vanguard who are already designing jaunty knit dog wear.

Haven't the designers over at Berroco made this little dog happy? Just look at that happy face!

Haven't you been searching for the perfect custom sweater for your dog to wear to cotillions and other formal events? Here it is!

I don't know what the idea was behind this one. I can only hope the person that dressed this dobie in this outfit had his or her throat ripped out shortly after the photo was taken. (Thanks to Nancy for this photo.)

Ponchos are over. That goes double for dogs!

Now let's review everyone. Dog's are animals designed quite well by nature. They have fur to keep them warm. They don't need sweaters or hats or tuxedos. When was the last time you saw a wolf on Animal Planet wearing a capelet?

And they sure don't need this--the ultimate irony--dog clothes knit from dog fur yarn. What the hell?

And why should dogs have all the fun?

One of the Purlygirls was experimenting with cat sweaters last winter and found what this cat has also discovered. Cat sweaters make the cat's butt look really big.

And while this isn't a real animal I had to include it because it must be the ugliest teddy bear I've ever seen. And can we just outlaw the word "bling" and any yarn that uses it in it's name?