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August 25, 2005

Thursdays are For What the Hell is This?

While looking at the new fall designs at Trendsetter I got confused. The patterns for the new yarn, Euforia (so fun that they forgot how to spell!) started to look strikingly similar. So I've come up with a useful guide for telling the patterns apart.

Here is the "Euforia Shawl Collared Cardigan Vest" vs. "Euforia Pullover Vest."

I don't know how I could have been so foolish. They are as different as night and day.

And here is the "Euforia Classic Car Coat" vs. "Euforia Patch Pocket M.P. Jacket."

Silly me. That pocket completely transforms the sweater.

Another "Euforic" design of note would be this "capelet." Now, my understanding of the entirely made up word "capelet" is that it connotes the diminutive form of "cape." Yet this is larger than most ponchos. I believe it is worth coining a new term for "a capelet that grow to a hideously bloated size." Let's call them "capegrossas." Gives it a European flair, no?

And to close, this sweater, which it is indistinguishable from the others to me.

The model's expression says it all, doesn't it?