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August 5, 2005

A Visit from the Yarn Harlot or How to Humiliate Yourself Repeatedly in Front of Lots of People

So the Yarn Harlot was in town last night. I managed to get to Weaving Works about 20 minutes before her talk started. My friends were saving me a seat.

Don't they look happy to see me?

The Harlot came and regaled us with hilarious stories, took photos of us, showed us "the sock" and the sock's new groupies. She asked how many of us were bloggers and at least half of us raised our hands. I felt that I recognized about 80% of people in the room. Women I knit with, women I see at the Guild, women I see at the shop, women I've taken classes with. There were a few men there too but I didn't know them. Several people asked me which blog I wrote. When I'd tell them they'd say, "Oh, I read you!" It was very fun and exciting.

Then I lost my shit.

After the talk we went downstairs for cake. Not crappy grocery store sheet cake with shortening frosting but lovely Whole Foods cake made with lots and lots of butter.

I was standing in line talking to some lovely ladies (Hi Debbie! Hi Pat!) when I excitedly speared my cake with my fork. And flung my cake off of my plate--splat!--onto the floor. I ran around and got it all cleaned up. I got more cake. But I probably said, "I can't believe I did that!" about eighteen times and told everyone I saw what I had just done. I was hopped up on sugar and shame.

I started to chat with the woman in line in front of me and realized that she's a blogger too. She asked me to take her picture with Stephanie and I did. Then I dropped her camera. In the trash. Stephanie reassured me that it was "lovely, soft garbage" and the camera would be fine.

So by the time it was my turn to have my book signed I was a little flustered to say the least. I got my photo taken but I was bright pink, sweating and smiling so broadly that it's painful to look at. But through the magic of PhotoDraw I can now share it with you.