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August 23, 2005

What Did You Expect?

Thanks for everyone's input on my next project. I did not wait for any votes to come in before casting on for Marianne. Good thing that's what you voted for. I'm starting on a sleeve. I've only done the six rows of "fancy rib." I need a better US6 needle. I have an old Inox which wasn't the best to begin with but has now molted it's top, slick metal coating leaving a snaggy, draggy surface exposed. That will definitely not fly with KSH. I'll get some Crystal Palace needles at work on Thursday.

In the meantime I'm keeping myself entertained by starting the Friday Harbor socks. So. Freaking. Fast. I'm more than halfway done with the first leg already. I'm also very pleased with the yarn/pattern match up. The Sheep's Gift is variegated but only slightly so. It's still pretty monochromatic so the lace and texture really show up nicely. Better than in the book, I'd say but don't tell Nancy.

I took a picture yesterday afternoon. It's now much longer.