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August 3, 2005

Wool(less) Peddler's Shawl

I decided to knuckle down and finish this one. I managed to knit quite a bit last night while watching My Favorite Wife and Dinner at Eight. My Favorite Wife is the second Irene Dunne/ Cary Grant romantic comedy I've watched this week (also saw The Awful Truth). Grant is, well, he's Cary Grant for goodness sake! I don't think there has ever been a movie star that blended looks, charisma and comic timing like him. I can't imagine there ever will be. And Irene Dunne is an actress whose work I have mostly missed. She's poised, elegant and a great comedic actress. Dinner at Eight is a parade of famous faces. It reminded me tremendously of Grand Hotel. It may be that they share a lot of cast members and have a similar tone. Grand Hotel is a far better film. It has Garbo after all.

So back to the shawl. I have 9 more lace rows then the edging. I will probably not have enough yarn to do all 8 edging rows. I think it should be fine. This will be a very heavy, dense shawl. The polar opposite of Birch, which I tucked in my purse yesterday and pulled out everywhere the AC was running too high. A woman in the grocery store stopped and stared and finally said, "Did you make that?" I said yes and she studied it a bit. "Is it crochet?" "No, it's knit." "Knit? Oh my word."

That felt good.