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September 30, 2005


Wes took my camera. So I can't show you the red bolero with the body bound off and one sleeves and the ties complete. I can't show you the pile of pink yarn I've been spinning. Or the nearly completed half front of Mia. But rest assured that there's plenty of knitting and spinning going on here at Rose-Kim Knits.

A question for spinners:
In looking at the yarn I'm spinning for my sweater I see that my plying is getting a little better. Which means that the first few skeins I plied are now totally unacceptable. They are severely over-plied. I want to run them back through the wheel to take off some of the twist. Should I just put it on my swift and unspin it a bit?

A question for spinners and dyers:
I have lots of undyed roving. Which do you prefer to do, dye the roving and then spin it or spin it then dye it?

A thank you to all my readers:
I love your comments! Especially on Thursday. I know you all say that I make you laugh but really you all make my day with your funny, snarky, mean comments. I love it. So thank you.