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September 10, 2005

Drop In Spinning

Weaving Works has just started a monthly drop-in spinning group. Molly and I went together last night for the first. Marti and Melinda were there too. (I'm sure there are spinning bloggers I know whose names do not start with "M." But none of them were there last night.) It was a lot of fun to see what everyone was working on, their wheels, their wool. I got to grope Melinda's Spin Off anniversary sweater. It's spongy, soft and gorgeous. I worked on the pink yarn for the Union Square Market Pullover. Everyone kept coming over to me and saying, "It looks like you're spinning cotton candy." It feels good to know that at least once a month I can take three hours and devote it to spinning. At home, I'm always lured back to my knitting projects.