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September 14, 2005

My Eyes! My Eyes!

Martha Stewart has a new live morning talk show. Yesterday was... sigh... Poncho Day. Everyone in the entire audience and crew wore the "Coming Home" Poncho (which now has knit and crochet patterns for kids as well as dogs). For crying out loud, her dogs were wearing them. And they had Lily Chin in the Flying Fingers Yarn Bus crocheting a poncho for Paw Paw during the show. (It was awful when they would talk to her. She's kind of a fast and overly-mannered talker anyway so when she's trying to crochet as fast as she can and talk at the same time on live television...not good.) They even made Elmo wear a poncho! I did especially enjoy seeing all the middle aged men in the audience being force to look happy about wearing a poncho.