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October 26, 2005

I Must Have Done Something Good

And I did. I, and millions of other Americans, donated money to the American Red Cross. Luckily for me knitters are astonishingly generous and not only did they donate over $100,000 but they donated dozens and dozens of prizes to thank other generous folks for their donations. I was fortunate enough to receive these goodies from Hollis at Full Thread Ahead.

In case you can't tell from my truly awful photo I got two skeins of Karaoke and a pattern for some fingerless gloves and a fuzzy teddy bear kit. So much fun! I will need to think of something else for the Karaoke since I've knit fingerless mitts, mittens and started a pair of gloves in the last few weeks. My hands are well taken care of. Thank you Hollis! And thanks to Susan and Margene for focusing the knitting community on helping out.