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October 12, 2005

Merino and Silk Are the Themes of the Day

Jen asked in yesterdays comments what I would be spinning today. The answer is 3.5 oz. 70% merino/30% tussah silk blend.

I'm aiming for lace-weight or something in that neighborhood for a scarf.

And the UPS brought me 3 cones of Zephyr.

That's Ice Blue, Jade and Pewter from left to right. The Ice Blue is for Marti, Molly and I to split. The Jade is Molly's and the Pewter's mine for Frost Flowers and Leaves. It will be a pain lugging that cone around with me when I knit it but what a joy to not have any joins to weave in on my lace shawl.

Questions from the comments section:

Jeanie said, "Oh my gosh, does it really take that long to spin? I was thinking about trying my hand at spinning but don't want to take away from my knitting time."

Let me tell you that I'm not a fast spinner. And until two weeks ago I was lucky if I spent an hour a week at my wheel. No, probably less. But yeah, it takes a long time to make yarn. Just like it takes a long time to knit a sweater. It would be faster to go to the store and buy one but that's not why we do it. Sometimes it feels like spinning is taking time from knitting and at other times it feels the other way around. I also spend so much time each week out knitting with friends that I don't feel badly about spending my time at home at my wheel. I know I'll still have hours to knit.

Cheryl asks, "You in the market for an alpaca??"

No. And if Wes asks don't even tell him I was looking.*
I was looking online for a picture of an alpaca to illustrate where the fiber I was spinning came from for my five year old. He thinks everything I knit or spin comes off a sheep. A Google search landed me at Alpaca.com. Not all alpacas cost a quarter of a million dollars.

*Wes and I have an agreement about children and pets. There is a limit in our household of 5 heads and sixteen legs. He let's me divide this up however I choose. It used to be 2 children (2 heads and 4 legs), 2 beagles (2 heads and 8 legs) and a cat (1 head and 4 legs). We have since lost a dog. This leaves me with the choice of having another baby or getting another quadruped. I'm leaning toward a dog. But I'm constantly mooning over animals. "Look honey, aren't these rabbits cute?" "Don't you want a goat?" "Alpacas are just a little bigger than dogs." He's not buying it.