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October 19, 2005

Veronica Mars and Veronica Lake

I spent a good chunk of my afternoon spinning the merino/silk. I've almost finished spinning the singles.

I decided to take a little break from it to spin the rest of the coarse wool on my drop spindle. I watched the first disk of season one of Veronica Mars while spinning and plying. Then I watched Sullivan's Travels with Veronica Lake of the famous peekaboo bang. I ended up with 75 yards of bulky wool. It's crazy think and thin because the fiber was really poorly prepared. There were all sorts of neps and short cuts and matted bits. It was good though because it gave me the excuse to just spin for the hell of it and not worry about the results.

I've also made some decent progress on my first Conwy sock. I finally clicked with the pattern and it's going quickly. I have about half an inch left to knit on the first leg. I took a very bad photo of it yesterday morning. I'm almost done with the second front of Mia. I'll try to finish it tonight.