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November 18, 2005

Can I Get Some Light Here?

The sun has officially left Seattle so taking photos is getting more challenging. Here is another attempt to show you my Leaf Lace shawl.

Click to get up close and personal.

There is some new yarn in my life. Last night I bought some Lamb's Pride to make the Christmas Rose bag from Handknit Holidays.

Victorian Pink and Mulberry

And I got this skein of Honey Lane Farms alpaca at the Knitters Guild on Wednesday.

Mmmm, alpaca.

The owner of Honey Lane Farms came to give a talk and sell us her beautiful yarn. The talk was uh...a little scattered. But the yarn was fabulous. I wanted to get lots more than this but I controlled myself. I'm hoping to use this rich brown to knit the edge on a shawl that I will someday make using my Peruvian Nights.