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November 4, 2005

Continuing Confessions of a Knitalong Whore

Someone find me a twelve-step program for knitalongs. I can't say no.

I've completed four of the eight patterns so far. I'm about to finish the fifth.

I want to make a tea cozy from a felted sweater. Haven't gotten around to it.

Yellow Jack is gathering dust on my night stand.

I'm thinking this may not ever happen.

I finished my Conwy socks for October. I'm about to finish my September project, Amble. My November project is the Ruffled Gloves.

Friday Harbor and Conwy socks are done. The next sock will be announced in December.

I've got my yarn but I don't know if I'll actually knit it.

The first project is the Leaf Lace Shawl which I have been meaning to knit for over a year. I think I'll be knitting it in Fairy Hare. When I get to it.

Folk Socks Knitalong
The first sock is the Latvian sock. I'm going to try it in the Twinkle Toes I tried to use for the Go With the Flow socks.

Just barely started this with Zephyr in Pewter. I'm trying to think of this as a life-long project. I'll finish it one day but no pressure.

Vintage Socks Knitalong
The first sock is the Child's Shell Sock. I don't have yarn or the book yet and have no clue when I'll start.

I still haven't picked out my yarn.

I'm also thinking of starting a knitalong for Handknit Holidays. I love it.