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November 30, 2005

Spinning Again

When we last left off with my spinning I was crushed by losing the end of my yarn while plying merino/silk singles. Yesterday, in preparation for my Beyond Beginning spinning class, I had to finish plying it or junk it because I needed the bobbins. So I screwed up my courage and snipped a strand. An hour of treadling and many knots later I have another 358 yards of lace-weight yarn, shown here next to the first 80 or so yards I plied before the yarn snapped.

I also wound off the first half of the second bunch of the Butternut singles. I had a bad join close to the beginning so I ended up with a second tiny skein. This is 174 yards and a bit.

The second batch is thinner and less consistent from the first and the colors are lighter.

Class was fun but frustrating. We spent an hour and a half just sitting and listening to the teacher talk. It was annoying. Next week should be a lot more interesting. We'll get into fiber preparation and learn to use the drum carder, hand cards, flick carder and combs.