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November 28, 2005

Word Problem

What do you get when you cross two needles, three started socks and two balls of yarn?

A fucking mess.

I did a stupid thing with Jaywalker. I ignored the little nagging voice. The voice that said, "That sure seems tight. And kind of small too. Are you knitting bulletproof socks?" Yeah, the socks are too dense and too tight and don't fit. I started them on US1 Crystal Palace circulars. I next attempted two on one circular using my Addi US2 needles. For some reason the people at Addi make their US2 larger than everyone else. Closer to a US3. And they're really slippery which leads to loose knitting. So the slippery, giant Addis lead to two socks that appear to be a useless mess. And the two at once on a 32" circular is such a bad idea that I can't believe I even dared to dream it. Tonight I got a 35" Crystal Palace US2 and will be starting the Jaywalkers again soon. One at a time.

I also got my copy of Handknit Holidays at work today. I was horrified to hear that both of our book distributors are sold out of the book until after the holidays. We now have a lone copy. In other sad/happy knitting book news, Folk Knitting in Estonia by Nancy Bush (a personal knitting icon) is discontinued! Oh, the bastards. One distributor is completely sold out but fortunately our other distributor had a few copies left so I will finally have it for my own before it's too late. It's already gone at Amazon. And price gouging has begun.

For those who were interested Kinokuniya did not have the book in stock so they are having a copy transfered from the San Francisco store. I should have it in about a week.

And for those interested in my Socks That Rock, I have no idea which color my yarn is. It came without any labels. It does look like Lucy in the Sky but I'm not positive.