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December 6, 2005

Knitter's Review

No, not Knitter's Review. A review of Knitter's. Normally I reserve posting about projects from Knitter's for Thursdays. But this time around it looks like they've pulled themselves together. A bit.

The issue is one of those good things/ bad things type of deal.

Good thing: The inspiration for the issue is Coco Chanel.
Bad thing: Lots of mediocre Chanel knock offs. There's even one for baby, which isn't a bad idea, but this one looks poorly executed.

Good thing: Rick Mondragon designed a cute, sexy top.
Bad thing: Horrible ginormous poncho--with cuffs! (Even the model is slapping her forehead over this one).

Good thing: Lots of nice looking bag patterns.
Bad thing: Yet another chunky, clunky looking cabled sweater from Kathy Zimmerman

Best thing: These sweet little gloves make me sigh.

Worst thing: Norah Gaughan has lost her mind. Fringed spats? Time to up the meds.

And don't forget the matching sweater. *shudder*