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December 26, 2005


Behold! A Christmas miracle!

Our gifts arrived Christmas Eve.

We had a super-extra-minimal holiday celebration. I didn't think our Christmas celebration could get any more minimal but we pulled it off. We went out for Chinese food on Christmas Eve which is about as traditional as we get around here. We then normally go on to view the Garden D'lights at the Bellevue Botanical Gardens. Only Wes was feeling worn out and my older son was being a giant whiner. I had a small hissy fit and took everyone home. Where we had no tree. We kept putting it off and putting it off then everyone got sick and we found ourselves treeless at 8 pm on Christmas Eve. So we strung lights on the curtain rods and hung a string in an archway and put some ornaments on that. Christmas morning we opened presents and that was that. We made a small outing to the zoo too. Then it was time for Hanukkah. I made latkes. We lit the menorah. We played dreidel. We ate chocolate coins. We opened a few more presents. Holidays done.* Phew.

I have been soothing myself with sock knitting.

The Log Cabins are almost done.

I started the Country Socks for the Folk Socks Knitalong in Cashsoft DK. I think Wes will be happy when I finish these and stop saying, "Omigod these are so soft. Feel this. Isn't that soft? Isn't that just so soft?" every five to ten minutes.

*We will continue to light the menorah for the rest of Hanukkah and give the boys one more gift on the last night.