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December 8, 2005

Thursdays are for What the Hell is This?

I had my whole post planned out for today. A whole whack of ugly sweaters ready to stun and horrify you. But then it happened. I was watching Martha and she was going throught he audience complimenting people on their holiday attire (horrible, glittery Santa sweaters) and the camera panned. I shrieked with simultaneous glee and horror as Wes cried out, "It looks like a pack of ferrets landed on her chest!" It was the mother lode of ponchodom.

Forgive the poor photo quality. Wes helped me with a screen grab off the TV.

Just imagine, first she had to think the poncho pattern was good; she had to make poncho; she had to look at the poncho while she was making it. And then finally, after finishing the poncho, she had to decide that on a day she would be filmed and broadcast across the country, and possibly the world, that she would put that hideous fucking thing on. Oh the humanity.

***Added Later: Martha did ask if the poncho was handknit. Sadly, it was.