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December 17, 2005

Week In Review

This week just evaporated. What have I been doing with myself, you ask?

Monday: Work and a kick off karaoke party for the Northwest Asian American Film Festival. I rocked the mic with Al Green's Let's Stay Together and Patsy Cline's Walking After Midnight. Then I backed up Wes on Tiny Dancer and did a duet on Zeppelin's Heartbreaker because the hostess accidentally called up the wrong track.

Tuesday: Last day of my spinning class. I spent nearly the whole class teasing and drum carding the CVM we were given at the first class. This stuff was so incredibly full of chaff and dirt I couldn't believe it. It left a mountain of chaff under the carder and I spent a very long time trying to clean off the drum. Ick.

This is some Navajo-plied Shetland (soft!) and some seriously over-plied white Romney (not soft!).

Wednesday: Went to Bainbridge with Molly to visit Churchmouse Yarn and Tea. Left the store empty-handed. We attended the Knitters Guild holiday potluck that evening. I made a baked brie with some leftover puff pastry from the freezer. Talk about easy. Just wrap and bake. I set it on the buffet and got myself some food. I was worried no one would now what it was so I made a sign and went back but the plate was already empty. Mental note: Next potluck make baked brie. The Guild's board did an outstanding job of getting door prizes for the party. Everyone there got a door prize. And there were extras at the end! I'm talking about at least 80 people. I think I may have gotten one of the best prizes--some Handmaiden 100% silk yarn in a Lantern Moon bag. Sadly the colors are just not me. I might try to swap it. I also participated in the gift exchange. I put in a mini kacha-kacha row counter. I couldn't find any wrapping paper so I cut off one of the arms of the sweater I used for my tea cozy.

I thought it was kind of cute but people kept picking it up and then putting it back, slightly disgusted. Maybe they thought that it was too light to be a good gift. I got a tea pot shaped like the Grand Hotel. No, I'm not kidding.

Thursday: Work and then meeting friends to knit. Weaving Works was having a midnight madness sale. I was stunned that only Molly and I wanted to go. What could be more fun then strolling through a yarn shop at 11 pm with all yarn 15% off. I got some Misti Alpaca for a lace shawl ('cause I don't have enough yarn for lace shawl in my stash) and some more Rowanspun 4-ply to compliment the stuff I got last week from Elann.

Friday: School stuff for the kids all day long. Then Molly babysat (and felted in our washer) while Wes and I went to see King Kong. I really had a great time at the movie. It was just pure movie adventure fun. I can't remember the last time I saw so many (severely overweight) guys from 16-30 in one place. I finished weaving in the ends on some mittens I made on Wednesday for my best friend for Christmas.

I used Ann Budd's basic mitten pattern and Lamb's Pride Bulky Superwash in Misty Blue on US8 Addis. I ended up needing just slightly more than one skein which was a bummer. I supposed I could have ripped the first one out when I realized that it was 2 oz. and the yarn comes in 3.5 oz skeins. I could have made the cuff shorter and the tops less pointy. But that seemed like it would involve a lot of knitting and reknitting. I might make a hat to go with it or I might just toss the extra in the stash until the right project comes along.

I also started my Log Cabin Socks from Handknit Holidays in Rowan Cork. Fast, easy. Gotta love it. I hope it doesn't get too narrow. I keep trying it on as I add more cables and the whole thing tightens up. I may just switch to one size larger needle around the ankle area to keep things big enough.

Today: Going to see Syriana and going to a birthday party.

Sorry for not linking to anything. If I have the time I'll add them later.