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January 6, 2006

How Many Sweaters?

At Purlygirls we were talking about stashes and I mentioned that I had yarn for 5 sweaters in my stash (Cotton-Ease for a summer version of Rogue and for a Debbie Bliss sweater from the Cotton Angora collection Grace or Katy, Cash Iroha for something cabled and wonderful, Rowanspun 4-ply for Isla and the yarn that I spun for the Union Square Market Pullover). But in the cold light of day I realized that I also have the yarn for
  • Another Retro Prep

  • The Cabled Riding Jacket from Loop-d-Loop

  • Isla in Koigu

  • A striped Kid Classic sweater

  • A lace sweater in Knitpicks Elegance

  • Cotton Angora for a kid's sweater

  • Cascade 220 for Durrow (in progress)

  • Kidsilk Haze for Marianne (in progress)

  • Cotton Top to dye and make Hopeful

  • An Elizabeth Zimmermann style seamless yoke sweater in Peruvian Highland Wool

That's fifteen sweaters! Oh dear...