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January 8, 2006

I Was Not Kidding

Last night after dinner I went upstairs and fell asleep at 7:30! Unfortunately I woke up around midnight (?) and read for several hours then went back to sleep. But people, I was so tired yesterday! How tired? Brace yourselves.

I did not knit.

Okay, a knit a little at work because I was helping someone and I work in a yarn shop. But I didn't touch one of my own projects. I did carry my Country Socks upstairs with me thinking I would knit last night instead of falling into a coma. But no. Passed out. Dead.

Here's a little knitting content for you. Durrow, 4.5 inches into the body.

Sorry, gray ribbing shot at night makes probably the worst blog photos. It's all I've got, people!