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January 22, 2006


This must be one of those "you know you're getting old when..." things. I seemed to have thrown my back out getting into my car today. Seriously, how lame is that? I stopped for coffee on the way to work and when I got back in my car I felt something twinge. The twinging has gotten steadily worse all day. I did knit the first few rounds of the second Country Sock but I've gotten a little sidetrack by the mindless stockinette in the round of a spur of the moment baby hat for some friends who just adopted a little girl.

On Friday night at the Spin In we all agreed that a blog has to have pictures to make it worth reading so here you go.

I know you all want to run out and buy your own poster. Didn't beefcake shots like this go out in the nineties? And will someone please wax those forearms? Really, if you're going to wax the chest then you've got to go the whole way.