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January 28, 2006


Wes is tied up for the whole weekend directing his film festival.* He was on the 4 o'clock news this evening. The boys and I sat down to watch it. There was 22 minutes of chanting, "Dah-Dee!Dah-Dee!" And then once Wes appeared on the tv there was, "DaddyDaddyDaddyDaddyDaddy!"

I was going to knit the edging on my shawl but I made a fatal mistake. I started spinning. You spinners out there know how the wheel sucks you in once you get going. First I finished spinning and plied some of the Romney from my spinning class from last month. Then I started spinning the rest of a different Romney from class. When I finally pulled myself away it was after 10. I put Thumbsucker in the DVD player and knit on the edging. The movie is just over an hour and a half. I then watched the director and book author have a long, lively and actually fairly interesting conversation on the special features. So after 2 hours of knitting I had 5 rows done. This sucks.

*He was recently lamenting that I get many more hits a day on my blog than the festival gets on its website. He wondered if a knitting film festival would be more successful. Anyway, boost his numbers and morale by clicking through to the festival site.