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February 14, 2006

Official Member of the Judith MacKenzie Fan Club

I am not alone in my complete adoration of Judith. First she taught me (and everyone else in our class) to spin lace-weight yarn in about 4 seconds. She spoiled us with things like baby Rambouillet combed top and hand-combed merino. She exuded a wisdom and calm that is unparalleled. I think everyone at Madrona agreed that they would be willing to pay money just to sit in a room with her--extra if she talked.

On Saturday I was in her Spinning for Color class.

Those big balls of color are Ashland Bay 80s Merino Top. Oh. My. God. The woman has spoiled me for inferior fibers. It was heaven.

Now I just want to spin. But instead I'm soldiering on with my Olympic project. It's much easier now that it's charted but there is an error in one of the cable panels. I discovered it last night. I will not be going back to fix it on my first panel because it will just make me too sad. As I mentioned yesterday, don't plan on seeing this sweater on me anytime soon. I will just have to be that athlete who is completely outclassed but struggles onward to the finish line.