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February 3, 2006

Where Am I?

I'm disoriented. The kids had the day off from school--some nonsense about a "day between semesters." Wes, bless him, let me sleep in this morning. When I dragged myself out of bed at 10 I thought it was Saturday. This delusion has persisted throughout the day. I took the boys to the library and off to our funky neighborhood barber shop so my 7 year old could get his hair cut. He likes going there because that's where his dad goes. Plus they have candy vending machines. I'm not as fond of it because the magazine selection ranges from Maxim to Playboy. I had no idea there were so many of these mid-level "men's magazine" featuring women I've never heard of on the covers who all sport identical over-inflated spherical breasts. A learning experience indeed. While there I was overcome with acute stomach pain. I called Wes to come and take over but he had a job interview. Oh right. It's Friday. I got through the haircut, got the kids home, turned on the computer for them and crawled into bed. I stayed there until dinner time. (Wes came home during this time. I didn't completely abandoned the children.) I feel better now and still have no idea what happened to me.

I'm nearly at the toe decreases for my second Country Sock. But now I feel like spinning instead. I started some of the CVM (California Variegated Mutant) I got during my spinning class. Soooooooft.

I have also been trying to crochet a pair of baby booties. Yes, you heard me. Crochet. Usually when the subject of crochet comes up I throw my hands in the air and proclaim, "I'm tragic at crochet." But more and more customers at the shop want help, advice, etc. on crochet and I feel like I should be able to help them. Molly gave me a few pointers on Wednesday and I've been crawling my way through these. I have maybe half a bootie that doesn't look horrible but doesn't look great. Isn't crochet supposed to be fast? Isn't that what crocheters always say, "Oh, I couldn't knit. I takes forever." I could have knit three pairs of booties in the time it's taken me to crochet half of one.