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March 14, 2006

Bubble and Sock

I snapped a shot of the left front of the Cable & Knot Jacket which I am still making pokey progress on. I'm almost at the armhole shaping. You can click here for a crappy photo. I worked on it at Purlygirls last night but when I got home I started a new pair of baby socks. I just love them. I love using up all my odds and ends. Love, love, love it.

In viewing news, I watched Bubble this weekend. I found it really fascinating. It moves along in an expected way but somehow the overall effect is so novel. It's short too so we watched it and immediately watched it again with the director's commentary. Soderbergh does great, informative commentary. The commentary on Out of Sight is some of my favorite.

My new gym has tvs on the cardio equipment with DVD players. I can't figure out what to bring with me. Most of my nerdy intellectual movies don't really say cardio to me.