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March 17, 2006

Good Knot, and Good Luck

I have not been happy with the quality of the photos I use on my blog. I read up on light tents yesterday and baby! What a difference. My "light box" is the shade to my lamp. It's off white and very small so it's not great. I just take another lamp and hold it up really close to create diffuse lighting.

I got a very color accurate shot of my latest project, a Dulaan hat made from some of my favorite scraps.

This is a tiny bit of Kid Classic for the cast on and first round, then Mountain Colors Alpaca Blend left over from my Clapotis, then Jo Sharp DK wool and finished with hand-dyed wool that I used for my last sock pal socks.

I also started the Diamond Fantasy Shawl in my own handspun merino/silk.

You know how you all said you couldn't see the mistakes in my sweater? Check it out. (These colors are not as accurate because the sweater is so large. I didn't have any white space leftover.)

Here's a knot done right.

Here's a knot done wrong.

There you have it.