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March 6, 2006

High School Reunion Night at the Oscars

First knitting content: I knit a Dulaan hat during the Oscars from my handspun alpaca/wool that I used a few months ago to make fingerless mitts and some Cascade 220.

It occurred to me during the ceremony that three people from my high school were up for major awards. Bennett Miller and Dan Futterman, director and writer of Capote respectively, graduated three years ahead of me. And Matt Dillon graduated (I think) a year or two before I started high school. But I was really shocked to hear the name of one of my college professors nominated for Best Documentary Short Subject. I turned to Wes and said, "Did he just say Eric Simonson?" And then he won! Cool.

As for the clothes, too much black and too much nude clothes with nude makeup (Uma, Naomi, Nicole, I'm talking to you). I didn't think there were any real clunkers out there except for Naomi Watts's tulle explosion and Rachel McAdams's really unattractive yellow sparkly thing with the--what was that? A butterfly in the middle of her chest? And Jennifer Lopez looked bizarre with her hair pulled back so tight that I thought her eyes would fall out. Also Charlize Theron looked quite matronly with her 50s hair and brown bow (and it's hard to make that woman look bad). I thought Salma Hayek stood out for wearing a gown that played up her figure perfectly, was sexy but not tacky and a color! I was so grateful to see a color!

I was really disappointed that Brokeback Mountain didn't get Best Picture and also more upset than I thought I would be that Michelle Williams didn't get Best Supporting Actress though I didn't think she would.

I was pleased that many refrained from the thank-you-list-as-acceptance-speech. I particularly enjoyed the passion of Gavin Hood's speech.

I could go on but I'll spare you.