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March 8, 2006

Now We're Getting Somewhere

I had a moment of realization yesterday. I have been waiting for something to happen with my knitting. It's a little silly but I'd hit a bit of a lull, some post-Olympic depression combined with my entire family falling ill again--remember the three guys all had the stomach flu right before Christmas. Wes and my younger son got slammed with a really bad flu last week. It stuck around all week and they're not 100% yet. Yesterday I had to go pick up my older son from school because he had a 102° temperature. It's all left me kind of listless and uninspired. So yesterday I took control of my knitting again. I finished the chart for the left front of the Knot & Cable Jacket and got started on it.

I monkeyed around with a lamp and the flash on my camera to finally get a photo that shows one of the eponymous knots. I'm happy with my progress so far and felt really pleased to work on this again. I'm also glad I'm doing one front at a time. It's a just a mind game but it gives me more noticeable progress than if I worked the two fronts together. Plus there's less chance of twisting a cable in the wrong direction since they all go one way on each front.

Wes wanted to watch The Three Burials of Meliquiades Estrada* last night so I needed something without charts. I grabbed my shop sweater again and knit on it until I ran out of yarn--before I get any wisecracks, I do have enough yarn to finish the sweater but it's at the shop.

It's a bit of a gray blob right now but I made some serious progress on it. At the end of work on Monday I was only a few rows past separating for the sleeves.

The film was well-done but didn't reach me on any emotional level. I've seen three films written by Guillermo Arriaga--Amores perros which I loved, 21 Grams which was brutal but still great and now Three Burials. I'm starting to feel like he's a one-trick pony. And it's getting to be a tiresome trick. And looking at his next film there's more of the same to come.

*A perk of being an IFP member, Independent Spirit Award screeners!