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March 26, 2006

Weekend Photo Round Up

We have massive spring cleaning to do around here today. Here are a few pictures of what I've been doing with myself lately.

For the shop I've been knitting this Fiber Trends felted hedgehog pattern. It is super cute and really entertaining to knit. I thought it would be fun to do it in non-traditional hedgehog colors, hence the lavender and purple hog. After I shot this photo I felted him last night. On Monday I'll take him back into the shop, give him a face and stuff him.

This top-down sweater from Knitting Pure and Simple is another shop project. I was teaching a class on it. Let me tell you. It is hard to knit an entire adult sweater while at work. I took this with me after work last night to finish knitting the body. I forgot to bring extra yarn with me--again--and had to stop about two inches shy of the bottom. The yarn is Madil Merino Mix. I used it to knit my devil hat last year. It's really nice stuff, very soft with a nice hand. Heavy, though.

I'm still plugging away on Durrow. The second sleeve is growing steadily.

I've been avoiding my second Sockapaloooza sock. I think I said before that something about this pattern/yarn/needle combo is not happening for me. I find it really tedious to knit. But with nearly one and a half socks done it's hardly the time to start over. I just have to push on through it.

That's it! No light tent yet. Now off to clean this pit.