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April 14, 2006

Appetite for Destruction

Hugo looks all sweet and innocent, doesn't he? Don't be fooled. He's struggling with a serious addiction and it's turned him into a killing machine. He's hooked on the hard stuff. Hard plastic toys, that is.

A few weeks ago I found a chewed up dinosaur in the hall. This has become a daily event. I keep reminding the children to a) clean up their toys and b) close the playroom door but since when do children listen. Each day he's grown bolder. He waltzes right in while the children are playing and dips into the ever shallower bucket of dinosaurs. He's eaten Randall's hands off, a gorilla's legs and countless other helpless creatures but today's carnage really takes the cake.

The little stinker even tried to go back into the playroom while I was in the hall cleaning all this up.