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April 29, 2006

Durrow, Prepare to Meet Thy Maker

Oh right, that's me.

let 'er rip!

Well Durrow. It's been a fun ride. I enjoyed the mindlessness of knitting your 4 x 2 ribbing around and around and around. I enjoyed your Celtic cables. And now that you're nearly complete? I hate your freaking guts. You don't fit well. Your ribbing draws in too much. Your sleeves are too skinny. I don't like your shoulders. So prepare to be ripped. I broke the news to Wes. He said, "I wouldn't wear it until winter anyway so whatever." Heartbroken, as you can tell. I just wish when I ripped out the sweater that I could pull out all the time I spent knitting it. It would be nice to have that back.