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April 2, 2006


**I forgot my camera today so I'll have to fake mock up some images for you.**

I woke up at 7am this morning. Normally this would be a big deal as I'm not a morning person. But with Daylight Savings and a late night last night it is a freaking miracle I got out of bed. But I did, then I gassed up the car, picked up a sandwich and a cup of coffee and headed to Molly's house. We piled all our spinning stuff into my car and took off for Oak Harbor. It's kind of a schlep up there (hour and a half ride up). But there was no traffic and we found our way to the Spin In pretty easily. As we pulled into Oak Harbor I saw a banner for a quilt show. I stared at it for a long time.

My mind reeled. There's a show that takes place on April 7th, 8th, 22nd and M???? What the hell could it mean? Molly finally came to my rescue by pointing out that 22nd & M sounds a lot like an address and not a date. We had a good laugh over that. Then it devolved into that uncontrollable, punchy laughter where it's not even funny anymore but you can't stop and now you're laughing because you can't stop laughing.

We found the spin in, registered, got some good seats and started to set up our wheels.

Molly's break band and peg (she's using my poop brown wheel) were missing. We both remembered seeing it in the car. She retraced her steps. I retraced her steps. We did it again. We made an announcement. We made another announcement. Nothing. I took the band and peg off my lazy kate and she made do. It was time for the main attraction--Judith Mackenzie. We were in a high school cafeteria. There were a lot of people there. Maybe over a hundred? It was quite different from the classes with Judith at Madrona. She spoke about primitive vs. improved breeds. We got samples of two types of Shetland and some Karakul to spin. She had lots of fleeces there for demonstration as well which she gave away at the end of the day. I didn't take any. I did, however, snap up one of her dye kits.

I went back a few times to The Artful Ewe's booth to touch the 80% merino/ 20% angora blend. After a few trips the woman in the booth tore off about a foot of the top and told me to go spin it up and see what I thought. I sat at my wheel with it for about seven seconds before I got my checkbook and went back. I asked for 8 oz. I was given 9 but only charged for 8 and that doesn't include the first chunk she gave me to play with. Thanks Artful Ewe!

The day went by much too fast and we had to pile back in the car with even more stuff. On the way to the car we found the break band and peg. We must have walked past it four times without seeing it in the grass by the parking lot. It was time to head home. Instead we went in the opposite direction for about 15 minutes. Finally we turned around and headed the right way home. At this point we were both so exhausted and punchy that we were laughing at pretty much anything. My favorite sightings were a Chinese restaurant that had just opened in a faux Dutch house complete with water wheel and windmill next door and a guy who I swear was the actual nunchuck guy from Ghost World.

Same mullet, no shirt, walking across a busy highway (possibly barefoot?) but I didn't see any nunchucks.

By the time I made it to potluck dinner number two for the weekend this evening I was ready to crash. I started working on the right front of the Knot & Cable Jacket but already screwed it up. Very tired.