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April 9, 2006

When Will It End?

I am not feeling better. In fact after a rally yesterday where I felt half-way normal I crashed and feel so incredibly ill today that I'm going to the emergency room later tonight. Poor Wes. Today was my youngest son's sixth birthday party and while I lay in bed moaning (or snoring, as Wes pointed out), he got to frost the cake, clean the bathrooms, vacuum, play host, etc. I was pretty much useless. I came down for the first hour of the party. Fortunately, it was the most low-key birthday party in the history of birthday parties. Three guests, a bowl of popcorn, no planned activities and a little cake. We didn't even have goody bags. But it was definitely better for my son that way since he gets overwhelmed by too much activity. Wes is at a meeting right now. I just have to stay upright and make sure the children don't hurt themselves until he gets home. Then off to the ER.

I did manage to knit a few inches of the New England socks yesterday. But there is one crazy, honkin' huge yarn over in there. Not really sure what happened. I think I need to rip them back but I don't trust myself in my fuzzy-headed state to pull 70 teeny stitches off size 0 needles and successfully get them all back on.