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May 20, 2006

I Want It Noooooow

My son was watching Charlie and the Chocolate Factory yesterday. I was rather Veruca Salt-ish myself yesterday.

I took my younger son to the zoo (I love that the Seattle zoo has zoo.org as a domain name. How wired is that?) yesterday for the opening of Zoomazium.* I had no idea there would be a whole ceremony involved. I had to keep him at bay while the mayor made a speech. I also had to field questions and funny looks while finishing the New England socks. Once the sock was done, playing was over and lunch was had, I immediately wanted to start my next sock, Denmark. I had been toying with the idea of using Elann Esprit but it just didn't seem right for the sock. Then I thought I would use my Fleece Artist sock yarn. But no, it's too thin. So I put the kid in the car and drove a few blocks north to the Fiber Gallery. My co-worker was a little confused to see me there since I had just worked the entire day before. I headed to the Cashsoft DK but after looking at the colors I turned the corner and went to the Cascade 220 Superwash. I pulled out several heathery shades of green and burgundy. My son wanted me to choose the "red" one. I thanked him for his opinion but went with a deep green with tiny yellowish hints. I'm halfway through the first leg. But last night was also a drop-in spinning night. I worked on a merino roving from Ashland Bay. I have 3.8 oz. I was trying to spin a fine single and make a three ply sock yarn from it. But as I talked and listened and looked around the room I started to spin a bit thicker. Hopefully I can still salvage a somewhat consistently sock-weight yarn from this.

Now we need to clean everything in anticipation of eight 8 year old boys showing up for a birthday party. Two will stay to go see Over the Hedge with us and then sleep over! A first for our boys. Light a candle for me. It's going to be a long night.

*Zoomazium was very cool. There's an enclosed area for toddlers with several large, overstuffed chairs nearby for parents to sit and watch in comfort. Then there's a large rock-like climbing area with a cave underneath and a slide. The highlight is a two story high tree which has a staircase/climbing area up the back and a giant spiral slide inside. There are a few educational stations too but my son was all about the jumping, climbing and sliding. I wish this had opened when my boys were still little. It's the perfect place to hang out on a very rainy or very hot Seattle day.