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May 12, 2006

Nancy Bush Knows a Thing or Two About Socks

Nancy Bush is a sock expert. She has written four fabulous books. I own them all. I had her sign them all. I've taken three classes from her. So, why, when she said the New England socks in Knitting on the Road take three skeins of Koigu, didn't I believe her? Well, I did believe her but I thought I would just make mine shorter, as I usually do, and only need two skeins.

Yeah, so Nancy was right.

Fortunately I made it to the end of the lace and the beginning of the toe shaping before I ran out. Then I was able to reach into the giant bag 'o Koigu, or Goo, as I affectionately call it and find a skein that went rather nicely with my sock color.

I cast on for the second sock last night while watching ER. (Anyone watch that? Holy crap!)

Yesterday was also the first day of the Weaving Works sale. Molly and I arranged to meet up early and get in line. When I showed up Molly was already there waiting, by herself. Yup, we were first in line. Molly got a prize for it. That didn't stop a few people from trying to just march right up to the door in front of us. I actually had to tell one woman that all the people lined up behind us were also waiting to get inside and perhaps she should go stand in line like the rest of them. Everyone else in line was too nice to say anything to her. I don't have that problem. I have a grade schooler and am experienced in calling "No cuts!"

So the sale. The sale was underwhelming. The clearance was very disappointing--almost entirely novelty yarn. I went straight to the coned yarns and got two full cones of Kona Superwash for some sock yarn dyeing. I also got some merino superwash top to spin (after I put back a big bag of cinnamon alpaca--when will I ever spin all of this?). While I was waiting in line some Koigu caught my eye. It was a lightly variegated burgundy. My color. But only two skeins and I have seen the light and know that Nancy Bush knows a thing or two about socks and she says I will need three skeins to knit the Traveler's Socks and who am I to argue? I left them there. Then complained to Molly. Molly, in her yarny wisdom, pointed out that the color would also work very nicely with the barely touched skein I used to knit the toes on my New England socks. I could do the same on the Traveler's Socks, right? Sold!

Then, since I was on a binge at this point, I got some Naturespun Sport at work. We just got it in. As I unpacked I picked out my colors for my Estonian Socks from Folk Socks.

I should have photos of all of this. I took terrible, fuzzy, underlit photos that I refuse to share with you. I need to pull out my lights and take some decent photos. But my office has gotten a bit...disorganized. Remember when you were all so impressed when I got it all straightened up? There's been a bit of backsliding.

Block Count: 15