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May 16, 2006


Sorry I didn't post yesterday. I worked, went to Purlygirls, came home and watched Grey's Anatomy. I was up until 2. Eesh. Wes is very confused about the show. He can't decide if he likes it because it's good or if he just got sucked in because I watch it. Nothing like a little medical soap opera to get a guy questioning his masculinity.

I did make a ton of progress on my second New England sock.

I haven't looked at it this morning but I'm pretty sure I am ready to knit the heel flap. Then it's zoom, zoom, zoom to the toe. The next sock in the Knitting on the Road Knitalong is Denmark which I'm looking forward to because it's a bigger gauge. Big gauge = fast sock. I thought I'd use some of my Elann Sierra but it's an aran weight yarn. The pattern calls for sport weight. I could probably force it down but then it would be torture to knit. I looked through my stash this morning and now I think I'll try it out using some sage Elann Esprit. It's kind of an odd choice but I really want to knit from the stash.

Sunday night started making my dye stock solutions. I didn't have time for all nine (!) dyes so I hit the most important ones first.

I've got Black, Prime Yellow, Cyan and Magenta all bottled up. And I didn't dye myself or my kitchen any strange colors.

I have to go make lunch for my older son. He's 8 today! I can't believe it. He woke us up at 6:55 to see if he could open his presents. Eesh.